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  • It’s time to create your very own Master Chef Junior, regardless of your child’s level of culinary skills. I’ll explain why it’s important, plus share some tips on how you can get started. Learn more now!
    Posted: 28/1/2019
  • From the origin of the romantic tutu to some adult fun in the bedroom; we’ve got everything covered this time. Well almost! Come and check it out for yourself now.
    Posted: 22/8/2018
  • Enthusiastic and energetic. Working on balance and co-ordination. Enjoys moving to music at her own beat. I imagine these would be the comments a toddler would receive in a written report about their dancing skills. Okay, I’ll be honest – it would probably same the same in my dance report too! The great thing about dancing, is that it lets our toddlers use their energy and creativity in their own individual way. But if you have to teach a toddler to dance, that’s where things can get unstuck.
    Posted: 25/1/2018
  • You’re getting married and are busy planning your wedding! It’s time to organise what your wedding party will be wearing. For the ladies, that’s easy: tutus of course. Both bridesmaid and flower girl tutus can be customised in colour, style and length, making them a popular wedding outfit. Let’s work through how you can choose the best ones for your wedding.
    Posted: 19/9/2017
  • Ever wondered if your chosen tutu colour combinations could give you superhero powers? A bit of flying power to jump the queues at the supermarket. A dash of speed to help your daughter before she falls off the swing. Maybe a pinch of psychic skills to choose the winning lotto tickets. Well sorry, but no. The colour tutu you choose can’t do any of those things. But there is some good news. The tutu colour combinations you choose can affect you in other ways …
    Posted: 3/8/2017
  • If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to stage a gorgeous tutu photo shoot in winter, then you’ve come to the right place! After all, there is no one better to learn from than New Zealand’s most popular tutu maker, Mayhem Creations!
    Posted: 6/6/2017
  • When a boy wants a tutu, what do you do? Well, let me tell you the story about Roo, the purple sparkly tutu lover from the USA. Roo is three years old, loves to eat plums and play with trucks. His favourite outfit always includes a tutu skirt and his Mum thinks there is nothing wrong with that.
    Posted: 1/2/2017
  • Believe it or not, but it’s not just Dads who struggle with doing girls hairstyles. There are plenty of us Mums who just can’t for the life of us get a pony tail straight or braid hair without those sticky out bits. As adults, if we’re doing our own hair ready for a party and we take 30 minutes to get it right, it’s not a problem. But with our kids, we’ve realistically only got about 5 minutes max. That makes finding the easiest DIY hairstyles which looks awesome a top priority.
    Posted: 4/11/2016
  • Love ‘em or hate ‘em, tutus are here to stay. What are we saying, of course we love them! Tutus are more than a ballet costume, they have evolved into a fashionable piece of clothing for all ages. In fact, today’s tutus look quite different from their originals and they have a rather racy history too.
    Posted: 10/10/2016
  • Tutus are not just for ballerinas; they are for giraffes too. Hmm, I hear you say. I’ve never seen a giraffe wear a tutu before, has Mariana gone off her rocker? Well now, I did not say that giraffes actually wear the tutus, just that they are for them…
    Posted: 2/8/2016
  • It’s no secret that we adore making hand tied tutus! But have you ever wondered why we chose hand tied over sewn tutus? Be warned – you are about to enter the secret world of the hand tied tutu…….
    Posted: 2/5/2016

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