What Every Girl Wants Her Mum to Know

What Your Daughter Wants You to Know

“Mom, I've always wanted you to know...

Sometimes I think you don't understand that

I can love you very much, but still need

to be free to lead my own life and make

my own mistakes.”

Betty Sargent and Betsy Perry – Authors of What Every Daughter Wants Her Mother To Know

Daughters all around the world need unconditionally love and acceptance from their Mum. They need the chance to make mistakes, to try out new experiences and the opportunity to learn who they are. But there are also some more important things that they would like their Mum to know.

  • I look up to you. Be my positive role model.
  • I’m definitely worth it. Ensure people treat you the same way you want me to be treated.
  • Being a girl is something to be proud of. Don’t treat us as the weaker sex.
  • I need to be pushed. Challenge me to leave my comfort zone.
  • I need you to tell me I’m pretty. Don’t let me learn about beauty from magazines.
  • Let me be the best I can be. Don’t set me up for failure by setting unachievable goals.
  • I have something worth sharing. Listen to me.
  • Trust me. Don’t hover over and worry about what I do.
  • If I’m single, let me be. Life is more than just boys.
  • I may not say it often, but thank you.
  • You are my first teacher. Show me things worth learning about.

Questions A Daughter Is Afraid to Ask Her Mum

While many mother daughter relationships are close, few really dive deep and ask their Mums the tough, tricky and potentially embarrassing questions they really want to know the answers to. But we’re not afraid, so we’ll tell you what they are:

  • Were you a virgin when you met Dad?
  • Was I planned or an accident?
  • Did you ever do drugs?
  • Who do you like best – me or my sister?
  • Do you think I’m clever?
  • What are you leaving me in your will?

It’s not till we grow older and become mothers ourselves that we realise how great our Mum really was. Spend a moment thinking about your Mum. Share with us your favourite memory of her in our comments or on our Facebook page. What questions have you wanted to ask her, but never been brave enough? We’d love to know!

What Every Girl Wants Her Mum to Know

Posted: Wednesday 1 June 2016


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