Learn How to Teach a Toddler to Dance

Learn How to Teach a Toddler to Dance

Suddenly your toddler cannot dance how they like and to their own music. They need to learn to follow the lead of the dance teacher, move their bodies in different ways and keep in time with the music. The importance of being able to repeat a move again and again is also emphasised.

So, we’ve put together some great tips on how to teach a toddler to dance. Just remember that at this age, it’s about moving and having fun, not being a perfectionist.

How to Teach a Toddler to Dance In 4 Steps

Jump up and down, move it all around. Shake your head to the sound, put your hands on the ground. While the song Mambo Number 5 gives us instructions in it’s lyrics, it moves way to fast for most of us to follow the first time we hear it. It’s the same for toddlers too. When they are learning how to dance, they learn one thing at a time and master it (or become bored with it) before moving onto another move.

When you need to teach a toddler to dance, there are four steps or four things that can make it easy for them to master each new skill.

1. Make it fun – it doesn’t have to be boring! Play a game and use toys when

2. Repeat things, but make them different – when there is a new dance move, introduce it and practise it together. Then move onto a different activity in which you can practise that same move.

3. Use props – lines on the floor, hoops, long ribbons and even tutu skirts help your toddler feel like a real dancer. They are also good for experimenting with movement and encouraging the most reluctant dancer to give it a go.

4. Work towards a goal – even a sticker at the end of your dance lesson is something to be proud of. It’s great to be rewarded for trying your best and giving new things a go.

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Learn How to Teach a Toddler to Dance

Posted: Thursday 25 January 2018


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