World’s Worst Parenting Advice for New Mums

Have you ever been on the receiving end of some of the worst parenting advice, then you’re going to get a kick from reading this! If you haven’t but know someone who is expecting and don’t want to give them crappy advice, then you have come to the right place!

During and after pregnancy, I received lots of great tips. From reducing stretch marks to helping with morning sickness, there were some real gems. But are they the ones which stick in your head? Nope. Instead you can recall the worst parenting advice you ever received, not just because it was truly awful or irrelevant (which is was), but because of how it made you feel.

Today I’m sharing with you some of the world’s worst advice given to new Mums (and it’s shocking).

Here’s the Worst Parenting Advice You Could Ever Receive (Or Give)

Why is it that people think you are free game when pregnant? All the Nanas in the supermarket want to rub your tummy, the postie wants to share their baby puree stories, and great aunty Gertrude tells you to start bottle feeding on day one.

Regardless of the reasons, you will receive advice anyway, some good and some not so good. Here are some real goodies and what I think is the worst parenting advice a new Mum could ever receive – so don’t follow or give it – never ever!

• Sleep when the baby sleeps – WTF! Like we could do this, and cook tea, and have a shower and do the washing…

• Babies cry to manipulate you – they’re babies: they cry to communicate

• Don’t take the baby out of the house – I do need to buy groceries, nappies and visit the doctor…

• Your baby is drinking too much milk, so you should stop feeding on demand – the baby is hungry. I’m still going to feed when they want it.

• You have a boy. Dress him in boy colours – why?

• If your stroller faces forwards, your baby will get sun blindness – um, have you heard of a sun shade or hat before?

• If you carry your baby in a wrap, they’ll never be able to walk properly

• It gets easier, trust me – I’m still waiting for this!!

• If you cuddle your baby, you will spoil them – you cannot spoil a baby!

I’m sure you’ve heard about or even been told one of these gems before. I’d love to know what other crappy advice someone shared with you too. Pop a comment on our Facebook page, or send me an email so I can add it here for others to laugh at/learn from too.

World’s Worst Parenting Advice for New Mums

Posted: Wednesday 6 March 2019


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