Powerful Tutu Colour Combinations & Where You Should Wear Them

Tutu Colour Combinations to Wear for Romance

I’m going to state right here and now, tutus are romantic by their very nature. Their poufy skirt with layer upon layer of tulle conjures up feelings of love, beauty and gracefulness. I’d even go as far as saying they have the same level of romantic associations as flowers and yes, I’d love to be given an adult tutu skirt instead of a bunch of roses! Some tutu colour combinations are more romantic than others, with pink and red tutus topping the romance list. Gold tutu skirts followed by purple ones are also great for using when you want to bring a romantic feel to your special occasion.

Popular Tutu Colours & What They Really Say About You

It’s no secret we make tutus for kids and adults here at Mayhem Creations. So it makes sense that we’ve identified that each age group has its own popular colours. For instance, in children’s tutu skirts, we find that blue, pink and rainbow coloured tutus are big sellers, while adults prefer black, red and white. Just because I was curious, I did some research into what our colour choices say about us and boy, these results are interesting!

  • Blue Tutus – if you choose to wear the colour blue, you show others you are loyal, trustworthy and wise. People who wear blue are also high in confidence and are very intelligent. Great for wearing to parties and catching up with friends.

  • Black Tutus – black is a mysterious colour, associated with elegance, formality and power. When you wear black, you show you are a strong personality and have hidden layers. Perfect as a Halloween costume or out on the town dancing.

  • Pink Tutus – wearing a pink tutu shows your feminine side. It brings out feelings of playfulness, cuteness and tenderness. Great for wearing to weddings and parties.

  • White Tutus – you can’t get any purer than a white tutu, which is why they are so often worn to weddings and Christenings. White is the colour of perfection and creates feelings of safety, purity and innocence.

I’m going to ask you a very important question. If you could be a tutu, what colour would you be and why? Pop your answer down below in the comments and let’s see what the most common tutu colour combinations are!

Powerful Tutu Colour Combinations & Where You Should Wear Them

Posted: Thursday 3 August 2017


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