How Young Is Too Young To Wear Makeup?

Why Was Makeup Invented?

Before we can make any decisions about how young is too young to wear makeup, let’s explore why makeup was invented in the first place. You never know; the answer may just change your perspective entirely!

Makeup has been around since the Ancient Egyptians in 10,000 BCE, where they used kohl around their eyelids to ward off evil spirts and protect their eyes from the hot desert sun. The Egyptians then moved onto other types of cosmetics such as scented body oils and creams, many of which were used to mask body smells. Around 3000 BCE, Chinese royals began wearing arabic, gelatine, beeswax and egg on their fingernails, using the colours which their fingernails were stained as a way of distinguishing between social classes. Many different cultures continued to use makeup as a way of beautifying women or keeping themselves safe.

Then in the 1800’s, Queen Victoria declared that makeup was improper as only prostitutes used it, which sent many women looking for pale cosmetics they could wear without openly showing they were wearing any. But in today’s world, makeup seems to be a must have beauty product for so many girls and women. With peer pressure, social media and even cosmetic company’s promoting the wearing of cosmetics, when is the right time to let young girls start trying it out for themselves?

When Should Girls Start Wearing Makeup?

Beauty researchers, yes there are such a thing, have found out that the average age girls start wearing makeup is around 12 years old. Whether or not your let your daughter wear it earlier or later that that is up to you, but beauty specialists have suggested breaking it down into parts according to her age.

10-12 years old – starting to wear lip gloss

13-14 years old – wearing foundation

15-17 years old – blusher, eyeliner and eye shadow

Investing in some professional makeup lessons would be a wonderful birthday or Christmas present and would ensure that she knows all the tips and tricks on applying makeup correctly. Obviously though, everyone is going to have their own opinions about wearing makeup. We’d love to know what you think too, so please share your thoughts with us below and let’s see if we can help each other out with this tricky decision!

How Young Is Too Young To Wear Makeup?

Posted: Tuesday 1 March 2016


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