Why You Should Support a Small Business First

Why Support a Small Business?

Having a small business is big business. Statistics show that 97% of all enterprises in NZ have less than 20 employees. This also includes businesses like mine who have no employees. It’s small businesses who contribute 26% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product and employee around 29% of all employees.

So, I got to thinking, what reasons can I share with you as to why you should consider buying from a small business first. Here’s what I came up with:

• More dollars stay in your community – buying locally means that rather than sending off profits overseas, they stay here.

• Better customer service – word of mouth means everything to a small business. That’s why owners aim to provide exceptional service, so you’ll tell your friends and they grow a positive reputation.

• Small business owners are experts – there’s nothing about making tutus that I don’t know! But at a large chain store, you won’t find the same level of expertise.

• Attention to detail – a small business is likely to pay more attention to detail when crafting their products. This results in a better quality of finish.

• Ethical manufacturing – you won’t find products made in sweatshops here! Small businesses don’t have the ability to outsource their product manufacture to large overseas factories. Instead, they either make it themselves or enlist the support of local businesses to help them.

• Environmental benefits – buying something which has been manufactured overseas means that transportation at some stage has been used. The additional carbon produced by the shipping of goods around the world to sell is not great for our environment. Buying from a small NZ local business means this is greatly reduced.

Why do you support local businesses? Which ones do you support? I love helping other businesses and belonging to the online networking group run by Business Networking NZ is a great way of doing this!

Why You Should Support a Small Business First

Posted: Tuesday 3 July 2018


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