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  • Even the most well-behaved flower girl can be a nightmare to deal with at your wedding. We share five wedding disasters you’ll want to avoid happening with your flower girl, plus ways to reduce the risk at your wedding! Check them out now.
    Posted: 15/2/2019
  • You’re getting married and are busy planning your wedding! It’s time to organise what your wedding party will be wearing. For the ladies, that’s easy: tutus of course. Both bridesmaid and flower girl tutus can be customised in colour, style and length, making them a popular wedding outfit. Let’s work through how you can choose the best ones for your wedding.
    Posted: 19/9/2017
  • Flower girls have traditionally been throwing rose petals out of a basket in front on the bride for many years. While she is sure to get lots of awws and ahhs doing this, you can help ramp up the cuteness factor or make her job even more meaningful for you and your partner during your wedding. How about trying one of these adorably cute flower girl basket alternatives?
    Posted: 31/1/2016

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