Sick leave? Sorry Mums you don't get any. PS whats for dinner?

Its that time of the year when sneezes coughs and germs are everywhere.  We try and keep ourselves healthy but with so many bugs lurking its inevitable that we are going to get sick.

School, daycare, kindy, playcentre, grocery shopping or even catching up for a coffee and playdate with friends means we are going to come in contact with other people and their germs.   

As heartbreaking as it is to see your kids unwell, sometimes it can be nice to just cuddle under the blankets with them and watch movies or read a book.  The problem we have is when we get sick - then what?  

Nothing.  Life goes on.  

So as a mum we just have to grab the box of tissues, a strong cup of tea or coffee and soldier on.  But on the plus side, winter illnesses come and go and before we know it, it will be summer and we'll have a pile of new problems to deal with.  Like too much daylight and kids not wanting to go to sleep.  But thats a completely different topic for another day.

To all the sick Mums out there - call a friend.  We are all in the same situation at one time or another.  Sometimes just a phone call can be enough to help you through the day.  Otherwise you might be lucky to have a friend brave enough to come visit the house of germs - or better still she might drop off a lasagne or cottage pie.

So if you are sick and soldiering on, don't forget - chin up.  Call a friend and I hope you get better soon. 

Sick leave?  Sorry Mums you don't get any. PS whats for dinner?

Posted: Sunday 19 July 2015


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